EzyTuner Guitar Tuner 1.36

No Image EzyTuner is a fast, accurate instrument / guitar tuner and metronome. Using your microphone it automatically detects the frequency of the instrument and calculates the note, so there is no need to tune by ear. Use it as a guitar tuner, bass tuner or even your singing voice. Why pay $100s for a guitar tuner when you can get one this cheap with a free metronome.

Display Tuner 1.7: Manage your monitor settings with ease!
Display Tuner 1.7

Tuner will allow you to change their volume easily. You can define several profiles with different color settings (for example, "Films", "Text", "Games") and Display Tuner will allow you to easily change the color settings, just press a hotkey! There is no need to use the OSD of the monitor anymore, Display Tuner is a much more convenient tool! Display Tuner supports all monitors whose settings can be changed from Windows. It works in Windows 2000

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Deluxe Tuner Deluxe Tuner - GUI that gives you the full control over creation of Deluxe Menu!
Deluxe Tuner

Tuner. You don`t need any in-depth knowledge of HTML or Javascript to develop web menus with Deluxe Tuner. By simply changing parameters of Deluxe Menu, you can create any navigation system in minutes. Deluxe Tuner is an easy-to-use GUI wizard that allows you to generate and test the menu in just a few mouse clicks. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to create your menus easily and in no time. Be you a beginner or a professional at

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Guitar online tuner 011: Guitar Tuner ear training
Guitar online tuner 011

Guitar Tuner. Use this flash to get your guitar in perfect tune! Click on the chords to hear the perfect note. fun interactive things for the whole family - space shuttle game, crusafixtion animation, calvary, cool web design, cartoons and games. Digital Guitar Tuner is a free Windows software, which let`s you accurately tune your guitar using direct input or microphone. Guitar for beginners - online guitar tuner standard tuning. Various guitar s

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Tone Guitar Tuner 2.0

Tone Guitar Tuner is a chromatic tuner for the tuning of electric and acoustic guitars on your PC using your sound card. Tuning is performed by plugging your guitar cord into the microphone jack or hold it close to a microphone connected to the sound card. The tuner automatically detects any note played on the guitar and display the musical note and frequency.

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enable TunerCE 3.0: Powerful instrument tuner for high-precision tuning on handheld PCs.
enable TunerCE 3.0

enable TunerCE is a powerful instrument tuner which provides high precision tuning on handheld PCs. The tuner provides real-time tuning for a range of instruments, including presets for a number of string and wind instruments in a range of styles and transpositions. The tuner will also determine your instrument`s current frequency, corresponding musical note and even octave offset to aid you in transcripting pieces you don`t have sheet music for.

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Ashampoo Core Tuner 2 2.01: Optimal distribution of computing power - become your system`s operator
Ashampoo Core Tuner 2 2.01

Ashampoo Core Tuner 2 enables the optimal use of all resources for improved computer performance and a smooth workflow. The program itself hardly uses up system resources thanks to driver technology. The optimization of single processes can be done either manually or fully automatic. The integrated Live Tuner accelerates the start of new applications.

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